VideoPro Transforms PUCP's Television Studio with Cutting-Edge Technology (EN)

Imagine a place where innovation and technology converge to provide an exceptional experience for audiovisual communication students. This place exists. It's the TV1 Studio of the TV channel of the Faculty of Sciences and Arts of Communication at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), a project recently completed by VideoPro.

This studio, equipped with cutting-edge technology, offers students the opportunity to learn the latest techniques and practices in the audiovisual industry. The studio is designed to be a practical learning environment where students can develop their skills and create high-quality content.


PUCP's TV1 Studio: Shaping the Future of Media Education

Alfonso Fernández and Daniff Hilario, two visionary engineers from VideoPro, led the entire project cycle, from its planning and development to its successful implementation and training. From the outset, the team focused on one fundamental goal: to provide communication students with a studio that would not only allow them to delve into the intricacies of television workflow but to do so in an accessible way. This required the selection of high-quality equipment that was economically accessible.

With this premise on the drawing board, the VideoPro team faced an inspiring and challenging project. Alfonso Fernández, Project Manager, provided more insight:

"Our client aimed to surpass Studio TV2, implemented in 2018, both technologically and in workflow. They gave us the freedom to propose solutions based on our experience that fit their needs, starting from Studio TV2."

To provide a more comprehensive view of the multiple facets of this project, we spoke with Sandro Carranza Cogorno, Administrator of the Faculty of Sciences and Arts of Communication at PUCP, who shared his experience of working hand in hand with this team.

"Working with Videopro has been very positive in the implementation process of our new TV studio […] The solution they provided was in line with our needs as a studio that will be used by students because it has achieved that we have all the necessary stations for each of our students to perform within a live TV program."


Cutting-Edge Technology and Challenges 

The implementation of the studio was not without challenges, but nothing insurmountable. Establishing a fully 4K workflow at a competitive cost required creativity and experience. The VideoPro team succeeded in utilizing technological solutions from brands such as Blackmagic Design, Hollyland, and Oton Technology.

"We implemented a complete 4K 12G SDI workflow with Blackmagic Design technology, including the new ATEM Constellation 4K switcher, a 4 m/e panel, and Ursa Broadcast G2 camera chains. Intercommunication was managed through Hollyland's wireless equipment. Broadcasting and playout were entrusted to our partner, Oton Technology, and its Magi Studio, a complete 'channel in a box' that allows for virtual scenarios, titling, recording, and broadcasting," commented Fernández.

A Professional Environment for Learning

From the user's perspective, Sandro Carranza concurred on the importance of providing students with a professional environment for learning:

"This investment is very positive because having state-of-the-art equipment allows us to be at the forefront of television production in the field, not only academically but also professionally. I think it's a very important contribution for students to feel and perform in an environment like what they will find in the job market."

The Key: Collaboration and Communication

The TV1 Television Studio at PUCP is a testament to how collaboration and technology can transform learning. Carranza also emphasized the positive experience of working with VideoPro. Both parties valued the importance of close communication in building the relationship between PUCP and VideoPro. Carranza noted:

"The differential value is the closeness in communication between us as clients and the provider, VideoPro. This closeness allowed everything to flow correctly, and we were all on the same wavelength, ensuring that the final result is suitable for everyone."

The TV1 Studio of the TV channel of the Faculty of Sciences and Arts of Communication at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru is a testament to how collaboration and cutting-edge technology can transform the learning environment. This project not only sets a higher standard for education in audiovisual media but also prepares students for success in an ever-evolving industry.

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